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RAPTIO is a glitch/hold effect pedal designed for extreme guitar playing.

The toggle switch allows you to switch between Glitch and Hold modes.
Glitch mode gives you a tricky glitch delay sound, while Hold mode keeps the sound extended and mixes it with a delay of 1mSec to 10mSec.
Wet Volume controls the volume of the effect, Dry Volume controls the volume of the original sound, and Rate Control changes the repetition rate in Glitch mode and the delay rate of the mix in Hold mode.
A momentary footswitch that turns the effect on while it is held down.
In both Glitch and Hold modes, the sound does not decay forever as long as the footswitch is held down.

Backpanel Design by Kosuke Kawamura

  • CONTROLS : Rate , Dry Volume , Wet Volume , Glitch/Hold
  • POWER : BATTERY 006P or AC adapter(DC9V “barrel” type tip negative)